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Mercury-Free Dentistry In Stittsville, ON

Here at Kang Dentistry, we are dedicated to providing both the safest and most effective treatment options and dental care we can to patients living in and around Stittsville, OH. We understand that many of our patients turn to our dentist, Dr. Roy Kang, and his team because of their mercury-free dentistry practices. Wondering how mercury-free dentistry can benefit you?

Mercury-Free Dentistry | Dentist In Stittsville, ON | Dr. Roy Kang

Why is mercury-free dentistry beneficial?

More and more people are discovering the dangers of mercury. If you have a silver filling in your mouth, like millions of Americans, you may not realize that this restoration contains a high percentage of mercury. Unfortunately, any mercury exposure can be dangerous. Plus, every time you chew, a microdose of mercury is released into the body.

Mercury fillings can be responsible for a wide range of health issues that you may not even realize. They could be the reason for your headaches, insomnia, kidney issues, nerve damage, or respiratory problems. Women who are pregnant and planning to become pregnant should strongly consider avoiding mercury fillings or talk with our dental team about when to have their silver fillings removed.

What types of restorations do you offer?

At Kang Dentistry, we believe that our patient’s health is truly the most important factor when it comes to the dental care we provide. This is why we offer mercury-free and metal-free restorations. Not only are these restorations unattractive and visible when you smile, but they are also dangerous for your health.

Instead, Dr. Kang and his team provide cosmetically appealing tooth-colored restorations made from safe, non-toxic materials. So, if your smile needs a dental crown, filling, or bridge, we strongly encourage you to visit our practice to ensure that you get a dental restoration that is safe for your overall health.

If you need to have an old metal filling or restoration replaced, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Kang has removed countless metal fillings and replaced them with beautiful, enamel-like resin fillings that blend right into the tooth and aren’t made with harmful chemicals. Removing silver fillings is quite a process that requires expert knowledge and skill set. You must turn to a true biological dentist to have preexisting metal fillings removed to ensure that it’s done properly and safely.

Want to know more about Mercury-free dentistry or schedule an appointment? Call our office at (613) 831-2021 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Roy Kang!

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